Ternyata mengenakan pantyhose tidak sembarangan, ada teknik dan cara khusus agar pantyhose tidak mudah rusak (mberedet, berlubang memanjang) lebih-lebih untuk pantyhose atau stockingyang yang harganya cukup mahal, akan sayang apabila rusak. Ternyata untuk mengenakan pantyhose kita harus mengenakan sarung tangan khusus yang terbuat dari bahan yang halus kemudan setelah terpasang kita gunakan sarung tangan karet/latek untuk membetulkan posisinya.
Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan menyimak artikel dibawah ini (maaf masihd alam bahasa inggris, nanti kalau ada kesemoatan diterjemahkan) : 

Now, let’s get to putting on your pantyhose!

We recommend that you wear cotton or nylon gloves while you are handling any sheer pantyhose. This is your own discretion but we find that most snags and pulls happen while you are putting the hose on. Take off any rings and or bracelets is a good idea as well. You will gather the leg up to the toe area by either pulling them over your hands or using your index and thumb to gather the hose to the toe


Once you gather the hose to the toe you need to make sure the toe seam is stretched between your thumbs horizontally


Gently place your toes into the toe pocket of the hose making sure you are leaving enough room to prevent squishing your toes. Again, the toe seams must be horizontal across your toes, this will help with the fit of the foot area as you pull the hose over your heel and to keep the hose in line with the rest of the leg without any twisting. When wearing reinforced toe, you will need to make sure all your toes are within the reinforced yarn to fully benifit from the added durability.


As you pull the hose past your heels you want to make sure that you are not pulling to hard that your toes are being forced through the yarn. Most runs occur at this point with sharp toe nails cutting the fine and overstretched yarn. To help prevent this, you may want to place your foot on the floor with only your toes touching and then pull the hose over your heel, this will keep the hose in place at the toes.

Continue to stretch the hose up your calf and to your knee and then stop.

Repeat the first step with the other leg by gathering the hose to the toe and keeping in mind that the toe seam has to be horizontal between your fingers. As a side note, please observe the effect of fine hosiery and what it does to the bare leg, wearing better pantyhose always completes an outfit and brings life and elegance to bare skin.


Depending on your flexibility you may find that the height in which you pulled the hose on your first leg will vary. You may find it more comfortable to have the hose half way up your calf before gathering the second leg.


Once you stretch the second leg to the same height as your first leg you will then start to alternate between legs until you get to your mid thigh. Being cautious with the amount of pressure you place on the yarn is very important and it is very easy to poke your finger through the yarn. As you can see in this photo, the model’s right thumb is putting too much pressure on the yarn.


Please stand and continue to alternate between legs until the yarn has no more length to it. You may find that the gusset is not extending high enough and you may want to just stretch the upper leg portion of the hose to get that extra few inches. Don’t worry about your gusset being too low at this point, just proceed to put the hose over your hips and to your waist.


As you can see in the photo the gusset is about an inch too low but not to worry, you will need to start at the bottom of the pantyhose to gain that inch and maybe the hose is twisted and just not sitting properly on the leg This is where most people find hose to be uncomfortable and the next step will greatly improve the positioning of the hose.


Change your gloves for a pair of basic latex or rubber gloves. They will need to have a textured palm, not smooth. Starting from the toes you can actually grip the hose by your palms and position the hose upward and around your leg to perfectly position the yarn on every square inch of your legs right up to your waist.



Until now you most likely were in the habit of just trying to pull the hose away from your skin and jabbing your fingernails into the yarn just to get a hold of it to pull the yarn up your leg and to position them. How many pairs of hose have you actually put on without taking one step in them because you just put your nails or fingers through them? Not only will you save many pairs of hose by using the rubber glove technique but having your hose properly in place right off the bat will make your long day of wearing pantyhose that much more comfortable. The rubber gloves are a must when positioning support hosiery and wearing graduated compression hose properly will greatly improve the effects of the blood circulation qualities especially at the feet and ankles where the compression is at it’s greatest.


For some of you, putting on pantyhose has been a ritual for many years and you may have your own method of doing so but if you just picked up on just one new tip from this page then we hope you will use it and continue to wear fine hosiery in your everyday dress. Oh, and by the way, the hose used in this photo are Cette Brooklyn’s if you were trying to figure it out. Gorgeous, aren’t they?